Imee Marcos bonds with kids to celebrate month for children

SENATOR Imee Marcos kicks off her birthday month with a special vlog entry that celebrates National Children’s Month this November. 

Set to stream on her official YouTube channel this November 5 (Saturday), Imee gathered a group of kids in an intimate and fun bonding session that is both truly refreshing and heartwarming. 

On the vlog, Imee probes the innocent minds of the children as she talks to them about their views on such topics as hunger, education, bullying, and gadgets. 

Imee’s solid Imeenatics, who have been supporting her online since she returned to vlogging last January, are in for a surprise treat as they eavesdrop on the witty, crazy, funny, and oftentimes enlightening points of view of the kids on the different issues that are very important to Imee as both a Senator and a mother. 

What do kids today think about school? About hunger? Are gadgets really that important in their lives? What is the stand of young minds on bullying? Find out all the answers and subscribe to

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