Edu Manzano highlights the beauty of the Philippines, bets on VP Leni Robredo’s stand vs. foreign intrusion, fight for PH territory

When it comes to protecting the Philippines’ waters and territory against foreign intrusion, actor-host Edu Manzano reminded that there is one brave woman whom people can count on.

“Kay Leni Robredo, sigurado tayo, ang atin ay atin,” Edu said in a video, echoing the presidential aspirant’s stand on the West Philippine Sea (WPS) issue.

“Ipaglalaban niya ang Pilipinas para sa Pilipino,” he added.

Link to original video on Facebook:

Edu said the Philippines lost control over one of its major sources of food due to China’s incursion into our exclusive economic zone in the WPS, putting the country’s food security and safety of the Filipino people in peril.

“Kaya may mga bansang ninanakaw ito sa atin. Mga banyagang inaapi ang ating mga mangingisda. Yung para bang wala tayong karapatan sa sarili nating likas na yaman,” the actor said.

“Kailangan nating ipaglaban ang sa atin. At kailangan natin ng lider na handang pumalag dahil ang atin ang atin,” he added.

If VP Leni wins, Edu said, she will fight for the country’s rights over the said territory.

Leni’s courageous stand on the WPS earned her the support of former officials and members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

“Kaya ilan sa ating magagaling na dating miyembro ng Armed Forces ang nagsasabi at naniniwala na si VP Leni Robredo lamang ang may kakayahan, talino at tapang para maging Presidente at Commander-in-Chief natin,” Edu said.

Edu and his girlfriend, actress Cherry Pie Picache, are both ardent Leni supporters, even hosting the Vice President’s grand campaign rally in Iloilo.

Edu, for his part, joined Leni’s group in Bacolod City, where more than 86,000 people attended the grand rally at Paglaum Stadium. It was considered the biggest gathering of Leni supporters so far since the campaign started.

The Vice President is running on the platform of “Oplan Angat Agad”, which is focused on employment, health and education.

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