Isang Pilipinas went through the process of elimination for endorsed candidates

“As branded a DDS or a Duterte Diehard Supporters, bago namin ito namin isulong ang Isko-Sara, napag-usapan namin, a collective decision, although President Duterte said he is neutral, we went through the process of elimination. Definitely, he is not endorsing BBM or Bongbon Marcos, he is not also supporting Leni. And as we go through the process of elimination, it is no brainer for us to choose Isko because we think that he is the best candidate for president,” Isang Pilipinas, Isko-Tayo coalition lead convenor Vivan Velez.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022, a group of personalities and politicians formed a coalition who believes in the capabilities of Isko Moreno and Sara Duterte called ISAng Pilipinas.

They believe that Moreno and Duterte together is the best tandem for the Philippines to rise from the problems we are experiencing now including the pandemic.

ISAng Pilipinas believes that Isko Moreno embodies the modern and aggressive leadership while Sara Duterte is the right person to continue the “good changes” of the Duterte Administration.

They also believe in the capacity of Moreno’s running mate Doc Willie Ong which can be used by Moreno and Duterte in leading the country to win the circumstances it’s facing.

With the mountain of problems the next administration will be receiving, they believe that Isko and Sara are ready to face them.

They disclosed though that the camps of Moreno and Duterte have nothing to do with the forming of ISAng Pilipinas. They don’t want anything in return for their decision. And are ready for the consequences they might face with this coalition.

Because the future of the country is at stake in this, they have to make sure that our future won’t be in the hands of incapable and corrupt politicians. Because Isko and Sara have already proven their capacity with their track record.

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