Inspiring Filipinos take centerstage in Net25’s ‘Bida Kayo Kay Aga’

You’ll find inspiration in every corner of the Philippines. Whether from a person, a group or even from an unexpected moment, Filipinos in nature always choose to be good – inspiration follows.

Whether our good deeds go viral on social media or not, the Filipino community still continue to look up to what we call “everyday heroes” – the real star or “bida.”

This March 26, Net25 brings the star in movies, commercials, and game shows in the Philippines – Aga Muhlach in Bida Kayo Kay Aga, a feel-good reality show which will air every Saturday, 8PM, after Responde.

Get to know the OOHD or Out-Of-Home-Daddies who are busy providing for their families but still give time to be adventurous and sporty via biking, surfing, hiking, etc.

The show will also feature Daddy D-I-Y or the all-around father who can fix anything. They can be a carpenter, a plumber, anything or anyone who fixes and makes our houses better.

Of course, Daddy Foodie or the kings of kitchen will also be featured in the show. Those who provide food on the table and cook everyday for their families with their delicious meals.

Let’s find out what are the ins and trends for the fatherrs today in DAD’s Entertainment. From pop culture, to plantito things, even playing musical instruments and more.

The digital dads or “Dadfluencers” will showcase their social media presence and posts.

BIDA BOSS or those who started with nothing and climb up to where they are today, having their own businesses which continue to grow.

BIDA SA LIFE or those who tried to change their lives and be successful today will definitely be an inspiration to the viewers.

BIDA BEST on the other hand will feature “random acts of kindness” from people who are ready to help others in need without anything in return. They are the perfect example of what Bida Kayo Kay Aga wants to feature.

These inspirations will be surprised when they know that Aga Muhlach will talk to them as they are being featured on the show for the Filipino audience to see.

“Kayo ang hero talaga, saludo ako sa inyo. Gusto ko silang makausap; sa hirap ng dinadaanan mo sa buhay, ano ang nasa puso mo para tumulong pa rin sa tao?”

Bida Kayo Kay Aga will air on Net25 TV, Net25 Facebook page and YouTube channel. Let’s BIDA act of kindness in this world.

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