Epy Quizon shares a message of unity through the song ‘Lukso ng Dugo,’ featuring 30 of the country’s OPM artists

In this digital age, hatred has been expressed so much and on a daily basis that the promotion of negativity has overcome reality. People tend to deliver and listen to fake and destructive news that it is becoming a norm. Thus, creating discord in our society.

MagkaisaPH is a community of respect and benevolence where we want to focus on and express Constructive Peace, Love and Happiness. That we may heal ourselves and our motherland from all the wounds that Ideologies, Politics, Religion, Language, Ethnicity, Race and the Color of our skins have inflicted.

MagkaisaPH is an attempt to recalibrate our mindset for proper communication. It is non-political but demonstrates how politics is about electing the best leader for us without being divided. It is non-religious but influences how to respect other religions. It is not one sided but teaches us how to make different sides function as one. A platform where our own ethics, values and morals will be our life coaches. But most importantly, MagkaisaPH is a reminder that it is not unfashionable to love and promote our Culture for it is the main foundation of who we are and where we are headed.

We have been dreaming of a united Philippines but clearly, we are not. MagkaisaPH is a step forward to this dream as we collaborate and promote real solutions for a prosperous Philippines without hatred and biases and infect the world with Peace and Unity.

Watch the official music video of Lukso ng Dugo – MagkaisaPH’s way of delivering their message:

At the height of the Marawi Siege, the song “Lukso ng Dugo” was created by several artists collaborating together. Written by Epy Quizon with a special part written by Gloc 9 and arranged by Karel Honasan, Ira Cruz, Yosha Honasan, Micheal Alba and Nikko Rivera and produced by Arnold Buena of Hit Productions. The song has been participated by the talents of more than 30 OPM artists and celebrities that truly believes our mission and vision. The Launch of the Music Video will start with a 10day countdown on Oct. 6 up until its release on Youtube on Oct. 16 at 8:00 PM sharp. It will also be released on different social media networks such as our MagkaisaPH Facebook page and Instagram the following day. All funds generated by the song will transparently be donated to The Dolphy Aid Para Sa Pinoy Foundation as a donation from the Artist to fund educational projects starting in the Conflict Areas of Mindanao.

Lukso ng Dugo is sang by Gary Valenciano, Eric Santos, Rivermaya, Gloc 9, Kyla, Symphony of Angels, Jett Pangan, Champ, Vince De Jesus, Ebe Dancel, Rada, Sud, Nyoy Volante, Barbie Almalbis, Ira Cruz, Cookie Chua, Kat Agarrado, Michael Alba, Iza Calzado, Bugoy, Yosha Honasan, Matteo Guidicelli, Gab Alipe, Karel Honasan, Bayang Barrios, Mike Swift, Nikko Rivera, Paolo Santos, Autotelic, Yeng Constantino, and Nicole Ascencio.

But why through a song?

“When I was choosen to be a peace ambassador from the last administration, I was in Mindanao and I saw this kid who was looking at me, mga nine year old or ten year old, masama ang tingin sa akin. I don’t know for what reason, ‘yung iba kasi nakangiti, siya nakasimangot sa akin. Sabi ko sa friend ko, tignan mo itong batang ‘to, siguro five years from now, eight years from now, this was eight to nine years ago. Five years from now, fifteen na ‘yan or sixteen, pwede nang magbuhat ng baril ‘yan at sumali sa mga ambush sa atin. I said as a joke, but that instigated us that ignited this passion in our hearts to communicate to the next generation. And how can you effectively communicate with the next generation? By creating a full feature film, kailangan ko pang imbitahin ‘yung mga batang ‘yun na pumasok sa sinehan para manood. But the music video can be shared online for free. They can access it and they can watch it and they can easily relate to what we’re saying. So, the most effective way to send out a message for peace is thru a song sang by their favorite artists with a message saying, “we’re Filipinos. Pareho ang lukso ng dugo natin. We have different prayers but when we’re together, we pray to one God. To only one God.” It’s really the message in the song: sa paglusob natin, tanging baon ay isang dalangin. Sandata ay ang bawat isa, respeto ang gamit na bala,” Epy Quizon shares.

For more information, you can go to http://www.magkaisaph.com

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