Catriona Gray joins Warner Music Philippines for GLOPM or Global Pinoy Music, releases new single ‘Love Language’

“To be an artist in the midst of a pandemic is quite a challenging thing because as a creative, I usually draw a lot of inspiration from different things. And I find it quite difficult to remain inspired during this pandemic because I don’t get to travel as much, I don’t get to interact with people face to face, I don’t to hear life stories from people or just have that interaction. So, it has been quite challenging but in that aspect, I also had the opportunity to really deep dive and go on deep thought about life itself – what are my priorities and to learn about myself. So, I really just been able to discover parts of myself in a deeper context that I don’t think I had before and that actually lent into my creative side. I’m a very emotional person and in creating music, I’m drawn to emotional music and I think that’s the beauty of music when you’re able to connect and you’re able to allow someone else to feel that they’re not alone in what they’re going through. In a way, it allowed me to create music that I think is more emotionally driven and I hope that it also equates to connecting to more people.”

I don’t know about you but I would definitely give another crown to Catriona on her answer. Kidding aside, the pandemic has definitely put us on a difficult situation. Some are having trouble with their creative side because of exhaustion from what’s happening around us and being unable to detach from work and personal space.

But having to hear Catriona Gray’s new single Love Language, seems our queen got an inspiration.

Catriona collaborated with Australian producer Cabu with her single Love Langage.

“My experience in creating Love Language, collaborating with producer Cabu? It was a really exciting project for me because I haven’t done anything quite like it. I’ve never written a song before and with that itself was enough to make me quite scared but it was an effortless kind of process. It was really just a lyric that I discovered I had written probably months prior and it really fit the set of chords that Cabu had set to the track and at that point, the song just kinda wrote itself. I really went into this idea of longing and wanting to just have more affirmation in the form of words and reflection within a relationship and I guess that’s quite a relatable thing that a lot of us go through in relationships because what are the chances that we all have compatible love languages and that also nods to that love is work and we have to work on it every single day. And maybe one of the points of that is because our love languages are different. That’s the theme that this song explores and it was really easy collaborating with Cabu it was something that the result of is I’m very, very proud of,” Catriona shares.

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