Coping with the demands of the pandemic and the future of XO Trading

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the greatest challenges a business owner can encounter. It really affected everyone around the world, even big companies has to close down some of its stores. And while some chose to give up and leave their businesses behind, at least during the pandemic, some brave the obstacles our current situation has and cope with the demands today.

From T-shirts to face shields, XO Trading is ready to adapt to the demands of today and is also preparing for the future. But how did their company started?

“Fuelled with interest and passion, XO was formed in Tagum City, Davao Del Norte in 2017. A brand in which we express our creativity and passion for customized arts through printing and garments production. Founded by 2 employees, XO now has a diverse and highly-skilled workforce consisting of 36 employees and 5 subcontractors.  We have own building production area with office space for client interaction at Jose Building Phase 1A Cristo Rey Village, Tagum City Davao Del Norte, and Metro Manila Production Area is located at #5 JP Laurel st., UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila.”

What services do you offer?

“With years of experience in the Garments Industry, XO opens its doors to new players to start a business by providing them good quality items way below wholesale price. Providing a channel for the creativity of Customized Culture, “XO” is a company committed in providing quality customize shirts through enhanced designs, high-end printing technology, and manufacturing services. We exceed your expectations through unparalleled creativity in this ever-expanding world of digital printing. We produce printed design pieces that are as sophisticated as they are affordable. For innovation is really nothing without passion. Our products; Premium Drifit round Neck Shirts, Premium Quality Full Sublimation Shirts, Premium Quality Full Sublimation Apparel, Election Materials and Company’s giveaway items.”

How did the pandemic affect your company?

“We were affected by the pandemic last March 2020. We needed to close our business from March to December 2020. During that time, we are just renting an office space for P40,000.00 a month. With the help of a friend, the management decided to build its own building. The construction started mid-October 2020 and finished in February 2021. It was a bold move given the current situation that there’s a lot of businesses that went bankrupt due to the pandemic. It’s also a statement for all our existing clients that XO will continue its operation and will cope with the situation. The management is taking the necessary steps so that sales will start to come in on the 3rd quarter of this year.”

I see you’re also selling face masks and face shields now, what made you decide to cope with today’s demands?

“Due to the high demands for customized Washable face masks, XO decided to sells to private companies and government agencies. It really helps the management to recover the loss on being idle for more than 6 months. But it was not all business for the management, XO gave back to the community by donating our washable face masks to frontliners and face shields and disposable face masks to nearby communities.”

What are your plans for the future?

“As of now, XO focuses in Garments Manufacturing, and Car rental business. But In the third quarter of this year, XO will enter the food industry, and by the first quarter of 2022, XO will launch a foundation that aims to rescue street dogs/cats and look for people that can adopt the dogs/cats. The foundation will also give training to people who don’t have work or wants to learn skills in T-shirt making (sewing and printing of shirts), that can help them sustain good income for themselves and their families. This is our mission and vision, to give back to the community and help improve lives for the better.”

Passion for work and passion in helping people will go a long way. A better future for XO and all its employees is without a doubt inevitable. With the ongoing pandemic still has no sign of ending, XO is future proofing its company for stability. But its plans go beyond the business side, it also foresees the future of its employees and the communities it reaches.

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