The Godfather of The Elites: Martin Bellosillo

Some people are lucky enough to do what they love. Some are actually even luckier that fate brought them to the jobs they don’t know they would love.

Talent managing isn’t your usual ideal profession growing up. It isn’t something that you would think of at school or what your parents would want your work to be. It’s a calling for some, and Elites International founder Martin Bellosillo got his ten years ago.

A true Bedan, Martin studied at San Beda University, Manila from grade school to college. But after graduating, his mother offered them to put up their own business or invest in something instead of working for somebody else’s company. He had his own convenience store after a year, but as a business minded person, he also entered trading, became a supplier for department stores, a T-shirt manufacturer and more. And at the age of 40, he decided to retire and just enjoy life.

But in the 90s, he was invited to join the religious community Oasis of Love, which has personalities from the entertainment industry as some of its members. He became one of the Men’s servant of Oasis of Love which gained him connections with people in the showbiz industry.

Fast forward to 2009 when photoshoots were a thing, Martin thought of having himself do a photoshoot to take advantage of how he looks at that time. But little did he know that that moment will introduce him to his first talent to manage – a hopeful model who gets indecent proposals from photographers. The two agreed to have Martin handle his career and negotiate with those interested to avoid unprofessional offers. Then, more talents approached Martin and asked him to handle their careers.

Even with his snobbish aura, he never thought that one day, he will be a talent manager.

Super Eligible Elite Models, that was what Martin named his talent management company at first. But acclaimed director and a close friend of Martin, Maryo J. delos Reyes, told him to rename it and just use The Elites.

What started with just one, grew to 300 and more. 300 and more who would walk the runway and represent The Elites in the fashion world with the help of international fashion designer John Ablaza who gave The Elites their biggest break in the fashion industry, and director Maryo J delos Reyes in the showbiz industry.

Martin Bellosillo with international fashion designer John Ablaza and award winning director Maryo J delos Reyes

Slowly, he ventured into showbiz as well. Having connections with showbiz personalities, Martin decided to go all out and let his talents enter showbiz. From his models Cosmo bachelors Paul Aquino and Ben Isaac, deaf international model Christine Balaguer to the Elites heartthrob Kurt Kendrick, Jao Viola, That’s My Bae’s Miggy Tolentino, Mauro Salas, Raven Molina, Starstruck’s Nikki Co and Drew Alvarez, sports celebrity Aljon Salonga, BL stars Chesther Chua and Andrew Gan, and social media personalities Lue de Guzman and Diana Menezes, The Elites became more visible in the entertainment industry.

“It’s an honor for me. For these people to trust me with their careers, I feel so honored,” Martin shares.

Martin wanted only the best, the most promising talents and that’s why he’s proud that Elites International have always set its standards high.

But what’s the hardest thing about being a talent manager?

“Being a talent manager who doesn’t have handlers for my artists, I tend to be attached with them. It’s hard to be a manager. You can’t always control what your talents want to do and that’s tricky for me because I don’t want to interfere with their personal issues. But the hardest thing for me about being a manager is the truth that people do come and go, especially in this industry. You love them as your child but if things don’t go as planned or there are issues with the contract and can’t settle, you have to let them go. As hard as it may be,” Martin answers.

What do you want your talents to remember you as?

”The father or rather the godfather of Elites. They always say that I’m lovable and that’s what I want. I want them to remember me as a loving godfather and that they are proud to be part of the milestone The Elites has accomplished and the legacy it has established. ”

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership” said American businessman Harvey S. Firestone. And being The Godfather of Elites International felt like a calling to Martin Bellosillo.

Elites heartthrobs Richard Pozon, Nikki Co, Kurt Kendrick, Mark Herera, Kenneth Nicholas, Mark Lim
Martin Bellosillo with Ben Isaac and Christine Balaguer
Martin Bellosillo with Mr. Philippines Best in Swimwear Jeffrey Yamanouchi at the Philippine Fashion Week 2013
Elites Nikki Co, Jao Viola and Miggy Tolentino
Elites Lue de Guzman, Diana Menezes and Rafael Lucas de Guzman

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