Lue Reine de Guzman: Emerging Social Media Personality

In celebration of Women Empowerment Month in the digital age, we’d like to feature someone who has been on our radar for quite sometime. Lue Reine De Guzman is a wife, a mother, a jeweler and an inspiration. And during the pandemic, she turned a dispiriting situation into an opportunity and became an emerging personality on social media.

Entering the world of showbusiness

Being the niece of the late Rudy Fernandez and the cousin of Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental 2019, Lue definitely has showbiz blood running in her veins. But like diamonds which are tough, Lue worked hard for where she is right now. But where did she start?

“I was discovered when I was fourteen. My mother and I were eating at a restaurant in a mall and someone approached me. I actually thought he was a fake talent manager. But then he asked details about me and I just go with it and gave my details to him.

I had no interest about it before because I was busy with school. And I looked nerdy at that time, wearing glasses and had braces. So why would anyone see me as a commercial model? Even my mother was not convinced I was being eyed to be one.

But I got his contact details and was told to go to the VIVA office. And I did! The next thing I know, I was doing a commercial for a hair shampoo brand. I was a commercial model for a long time. Until now, I do commercial modelling on the side.”

She also did acting via international movies in Hong Kong in which she auditioned when she was 15 to 17 years old.

Lue in the real world

Lue has a degree in International studies Major in English Literature. She worked with Century Properties as an international sales agent after she graduated. And after three years, she was promoted as Vice President for sales.

She married her husband when she was 26. It was her husband who made her pursue more than be a slave of someone’s company. So she started selling luxury bags. And then joined their family business to sell jewelry. She realized she earns more selling jewelry than working as a Vice President for a company. They now have a 4 year old son, who is also the youngest golfer in the Philippines about to compete this April.

In 2018, she topped the world exam for Gemological Centers, Inc. – an international Gemology school which is known for creating and designing jewelry.

Emerging Social Media Personality

“To be honest, I started being focused on my Instagram during lockdown kasi my jewelry business was affected for nine months because of the pandemic.

At first, I was just posting about my OOTDs (Outfit of the Day), food, travels and my personal life. But then I realized, my followers grew and grew. I thought, maybe I should take this Instagram posting more serious.

After that, companies began contacting me to help endorse their products through postings. But even with these products, I still aim for authenticity. I want my content or my feed to be real, I want the people to see me, even the nitpicky me. And of course, I want to endorse products that I really use.”

Lue currently has 350k+ followers on Instagram. She endorses Silka Papaya, Health Fusion PH, Elevatione, M.Y. San Grahams and Purefoods Chicken Nuggets to name a few.

Being in her thirties who actually isn’t conscious with what she eats, Lue is amazingly in great shape and has really good and glowing skin. Maybe because of how active her lifestyle is, and how energetic and enthusiastic she is about life. She’s not that type of person who does nothing for a long time, she’s always on the go. And she loves living her life to the fullest, with her family and with what life has to offer.

Being married, I asked if her husband is bothered by the attention she’s getting on social media. But her husband just proudly answers, “all they can do is look.”

You can follow Lue on Instagram at @luereinedg. Special thanks to Lue’s manager, Mr. Martin Bellosillo for making this interview possible.

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