Kapamilya personalities across the Philippines unite to bring more online fun via MOR Entertainment

ABS-CBN’s newly launched MOR Entertainment brings together Kapamilya talents from different regions of the Philippines to kick-start entertaining conversations, promote OPM, and present relatable tales for Filipinos to enjoy via multiple digital platforms.

Leading the pack of MOR Entertainment’s fresh offerings is the daily talk show “Good Time ‘To!,” hosted by Ateng Jeri B and Bong Bastic from Luzon, Macky Kho from Visayas, and Mary Jay from Mindanao. The hourly program airs from Monday to Friday at 9 am and includes various segments focused on news, daily trends, lifestyle, showbiz, games, and of course, music.

In the segment “#GoodTimeTalk,” the four hosts will join forces in interviewing a celebrity guest about anything under the sun. Ateng Jeri B and Bong Bastic will then host “eBalita,” a daily rundown of the three hottest news in the country while Mary Jay will dish on the latest showbiz happenings in “eShowBuzz.”

Macky Kho gives the spotlight to kaMORkadas in “Bida ka, KaMORkada,” where the funniest TikTok videos submitted by viewers will be shown during the program. Kapamilya talents will also shine in “Concert Natin ‘To,” which will feature performances of Kapamilya stars from various ABS-CBN programs.

Meanwhile, fan-favorite “Dear MOR” continues to deliver true stories of love, joy, and loneliness with a fresh duo to love—Popoy and Betina Briones—who will narrate the letters sent by kaMORkadas and voice their takes through insightful advices and fun comments while interacting with viewers.

“Dear MOR” airs live on Facebook and kumu from Mondays to Thursdays at 12 nn, with highlights posted on MOR’s YouTube channel. The clean podcast version with full production of the episodes will be uploaded every Friday on the “Dear MOR: The Podcast” on Spotify, which is currently listed in Top Podcasts chart of Spotify Philippines.

Other weekday offerings to catch live on MOR Entertainment’s Facebook and kumu is Kokoy’s one-man comedy show “kumuKokoy” at 10 am; Macky Kho’s hangout/talent showcase program “MORkadahan” at 2 pm; and Daddy Sarge’s alter-ego Medem’s fun take on public and private issue discussion “Lagot Ka Kay Medem!” at 4 pm.

This is followed by Onse’s feel-good program for the masses “143 For Life” at 5 pm; non-stop music showcase “MOR Playlist” at 7 pm; and finally, Chico’s interactive romance-themed advice-giving show “SLR” at 9 pm.

The entire MOR entertainment family—composed of Ateng Jeri B, Betina Briones, Bong Bastic, Chico, Chinaheart, Daddy Sarge, David Bang, Erick D., Jacky G, Kisses, Kokoy, Grasya Pantasya, Macky Kho, Mary Jay, Master James Spider, Nicki Morena, Onse, Popoy, and Tito Son—is ready to bring more fun and laughter to viewers worldwide.

Subscribe to MOR Entertainment’s YouTube channel, follow @MORe on Kumu, and like MORe Manila, MORe Luzon, MORe Visayas, and MORe Mindanao on Facebook. For updates, follow ABS-CBN PR on Facebook (www.facebook.com/abscbnpr), Twitter, and Instagram (@abscbnpr), or visit www.abs-cbn.com/newsroom.

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