CaiReel is back in ‘Gameboys’ The Series season 2 teaser

Less than a month ago, we’re binge watching the first season of Gameboys The Series and now, The IdeaFirst Company gave us our first look at the second season of the celebrated Filipino boys’ love series. Watch Cairo (Elijah Canlas) and Gavreel (Kokoy de Santos) the teaser below:

#GameboysHanggangSaHuli.. This might be referring to the teaser’s soundtrack, SB19’s Hanggang Sa Huli, but it might also be referring to the series’ plot. Will it be good bye for CaiReel?

You may also notice the different look of the teaser, way different from anything in the first season. The look feels like the second season is going to get more serious.

The teaser also gave us a look at Pearl (Adrianna So), Terence (Kyle Velino) and Wesley (Miggy Jimenez). The latter two seems to have gotten closer.

No other details have been announced yet. But it seems the release of the second season would be sooner than we think.

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