Tips for taking amazing photos and videos shared by local TikTok creators

Level up your storytelling on the app with the help of top TikTok creators

When you want to create eye-catching photo and video content online, you need to learn how to tell a story using your lens. On TikTok, you will come across hundreds of fantastic content creators, whose skills at mobile photography and filmmaking allow them to capture and share unforgettable images that people will surely admire. 

Many of these creators are eager to share what they know with their followers, and their photography and filmmaking tutorials have become part of the educational content you can find on TikTok. Some helpful how-to videos found on the platform include tips for taking the perfect selfie, setting up a shot, how to enhance lighting, and even how to create backgrounds and select props. 

Here are some helpful tips for taking better photos and videos for awesome online content, shared by local TikTok creators. 

Ever wondered why ring lights are must-haves for content creators? Daryll Anuran explains the effect that they have on photos and videos in this post. 

Have you seen those cool videos where one creator plays two characters that appear on screen at the same time? Ralphe Austria shares this easy to follow tutorial for how it’s done!

Beautiful styling makes a huge difference in any photo or video. Be inspired by how Norman San Diego sets up a shoot using a simple basket of fruits as props. 

Proud fur-parents can learn a thing or two about shooting their babies from TikTok creator, Mark Kelvin

Level up your mobile photography and filmmaking by learning how to manipulate the different manual settings on your camera. Ivs teaches the basics in this video. 

There’s so much more that can be learned from TikTok creators, when you want to improve your skills at mobile photography and filmmaking. Join the community on the app to start learning from other creators. Download TikTok on your iOS and Android devices today.

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