TECNO Pouvoir 4 Review: Sturdy build, incredible battery and gaming performance

When I first held the TECNO Pouvoir 4, I was like, “this really feels like it can stand a lot for a long period of time.” Surprisingly, as I use the phone over a couple of days, the “long period of time” wasn’t just the sturdy build of the phone but also its battery. Because I was using it for at least three days now, exploring the phone, browsing the internet and I let my sisters use it for gaming but surprisingly, I didn’t have the need to charge it after hours like my other phones.

Here are the key specifications of the TECNO Pouvoir 4:


I like that it feels like it’s not going to be easily broken. The phone fits well on my hands, I can touch all the physical buttons (power, volume and Google Assistant) with just one hand. You get the standard look for most high-end phones with a sturdy build and entry-level price. You really get more than what you paid for.


Impressive! That’s probably the one word I can think of while using the Pouvoir 4. I mean it works smoothly. For your daily needs, calls, text, social media, camera and even gaming. And as I’ve stated above, all those tasks were done with one single charge for more than three days because of its 6000 mAh battery.

The phone’s UI, HiOS 6.0 which is built on Android Q, is easy on the eyes and the colors pop which makes it pleasant and not boring as you use it daily. Navigating the phone is pretty straightforward, so you won’t be having a hard time exploring it.


Now, we’re getting to the phone’s strength: gaming. I was thinking how can an entry-level phone priced below P5,000 be good at gaming? I was surprised with the phone’s performance.

Check out photos and sample video of Pouvoir 4’s performance while using games below:

Playing State of Survival on TECNO Pouvoir 4
Playing Call of Duty on TECNO Pouvoir 4

Watch our video sample of Pouvoir 4’s performance while playing State of Survival and Call of Duty:

See? I mean, the phone isn’t 100% smooth while playing but with its price, this is really an impressive phone for gaming. The lags are actually minimal, like it doesn’t affect your gaming. It’s really incredible how this affordable phone performs in gaming.


Since it’s an entry-level smartphone, I was not expecting much from its camera and I get that it’s not the product’s strength, but as something that is priced at less than P5,000, the camera of Pouvoir 4 produces decent photo and videos. Check out the samples below:

Pouvoir 4 Rear Camera Samples:

Pouvoir 4 Front Camera Samples:

Below is a test of how Pouvoir 4 camera’s video capabilities:

Conclusion: Why one of the best lockdown phone?

We’re glued to our phones most of the time now. Not just for the things we need but also for entertainment. And with YouTube, Netflix, other streaming apps, and of course, games, it comes in handy that your device doesn’t need to be recharged every now and then because of its long battery life.

And since we’re mostly just inside our houses, we don’t need fancy camera phones, just ones that work for our daily needs, can stand heavy duty uses like gaming, and doesn’t drains its battery noticeably fast.

Pouvoir 4 is a steal. So if you’re a gamer, go buy this phone. If you need a phone that doesn’t need to be charged every now and then, go buy this phone. If you want a phone that feels like you don’t need to worry much about its build, this is the phone for you.

Pouvoir 4 is available at partner retail stores for only Php4590, visit http://bit.ly/TecnoStoresPH. Follow TECNO Mobile Philippines on facebook.com/TECNOMobilePH and get a chance to win your own Pouvoir 4. #TECNO #Pouvoir4EnergyKing #AlwaysPowerOn

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