Promising New Pinoy BL Series ‘My Extraordinary’ is a Journey of Love and Acceptance

In a time when same sex relationships are accepted by many but not represented as much as the LGBT+ community could hope for, Asterisk Digital Entertainment presents a new and timely story of love and acceptance.

A tender story about innocence, friendship, the beauty of awakening desire, acceptance and how time heals all wounds, My Extraordinary follows the colorful story of two college students, Shake and Ken, and how they try to express themselves despite the society’s many expectations.

The series stars two young and fresh faces in the industry, Darwin Yu and Enzo Santiago. With veteran actors Yayo Aguila and Jojit Lorenzo also on board as supporting characters.

But what can the viewers get from this boys’ love series?

While both hoped for respect and breaking stereotypes, Darwin shared that this project opened his eyes to the harsh reality of discrimination.

“I learned to give more respect sa LGBTQIA [community]. We need to break the gender discrimination.

He adds, “Love is love, sa totoo lang you can choose kung sinong type mong mahalin but you can’t choose kung kanino pwede tumibok ang puso mo.

“I am very happy na nagawa ko yung ganitong klaseng role; parang nagpa-tattoo ako, habang buhay ko ng dala-dala.”

Enzo agrees and adds, “Love really has no boundaries.

“Love is one of the things that makes us humans.

 “I would like Ken to be remembered as an example of a victim of the stigma of our society, and how he tried his best to convey his true feelings despite all the hurdles he had to face.

“Ken might be a fictional character, but the life that he lives in is a reflection of our reality.

“I want the people to open their minds about the LGBTQIA++ community – they were never below us nor above us for they have equal rights as we do.

“I advocate for humanity; and I believe that doing good for our society while doing the work we love is much better than just working without a cause.”

Watch the trailer of My Extraordinary The Series below:

‘My Extraordinary’ The Series premieres September 27 on GagaOOLala, TV5 & AsterisK Digital Entertainment YouTube channel.

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