A More Grounded Pinoy Boys Love Series ‘In Between’ to Premiere July 11

While we indulge in light and perky boys love (BL) series today like ‘Gameboys’ and ‘Hello, Stranger,’ a new series which aims to be more grounded and incorporate what we Pinoys call “hugot” will arrive this weekend, July 11, 8PM a the YouTube channel of USPHTV.

A different take on what usually is tackled lightly. But from judging from the looks of it, it’s definitely a welcome addition to the growing number of Pinoy boys love series being announced now and then.

Check out the official trailer of ‘In Between (Sa Pagitan ng Kamusta at Paalam)’ 

Starring local sports personalities Migs Villasis as Taurus and Genesis Redido as Otep with Shiara Dizon, Lara Fortuna and Renshi de Guzman, written and directed by Briliant Juan.

Nilagyan ko talaga ng puso, kumbaga ‘yung tatak ng Pinoy na parang “hugot,” alam natin ‘yon. Tayo kasi, very emotional ang mga Pilipino, so gusto ko na may konting kirot sa puso. Hindi siya gano’n ka-romcom (romantic comedy). Medyo meron siyang drama pero hindi naman siya gano’n ka heavy. Basta maipakita lang natin ‘yung close-to-reality na relationship na meron talagang nagiging problema sa relasyon, hindi laging masaya. Gusto ko ma-feel ng audience na “uy! Meron akong kaibigan na mahal ko, hindi ko masabi. Or meron akong kaibigan na nasabi ko na mahal ko pero hindi naging kami.” ‘Yung ganun, feel ko marami sa atin na may kaibigan tayong nafo-fall talaga sa friends nila. Close to reality ang gusto naming maipakita sa ‘In Between,” director Briliant Juan shares as to what makes his boys love series different from others.

For now, they are thinking of six episodes – one episode per week. But as per its producer, sir Jerry Santos Palagana of Uncle Scott Productions, they’re already open for at least three seasons and a possible spin-off. So if you’ve seen Love by Chance and TharnType, and notice that some characters are actually the same, and characters from Love by Chance appeared in one episode of TharnType, it’s exciting to see that here.

Watch our virtual media conference below to know more about ‘In Between (Sa Pagitan ng Kamusta at Paalam)’ series:

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