Filipino Drag Stars Bring Netflix Characters to Life for Pride

This Pride Month, Netflix puts the spotlight on representation through a diverse slate of shows and films, as well as celebrating local queer talent. Netflix collaborated with five talented Filipino drag queens who showcased their skills by transforming into their favorite Netflix characters, head to toe.

“Representation in the media is absolutely important for me as an LGBTQ+ person because it validates my existence in a positive way,” says Dee Dee Holliday. “LGBTQ+ people are not just sidekicks or objects of humor. We have backstories and amazing life experiences to tell, which deserve to be put other there for all the world to see. Representation helps in eliminating negative biases towards people like me.”

“As we all know, media is a very powerful tool in influencing the views of people,” says Marina Summers. “Seeing more LGBTQ+ individuals and their stories to viewers of all ages could widely spread a better understanding of our community.”

Check out their amazing transformations:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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