7 Ways to Live Your Best Life at Home with the Latest #HisenseTvSENSEtials

MANILA, JUNE 17, 2020 – The last few months have seen major changes in how people live their lives. The day-to-day routines of many have been affected by this pandemic and its resulting weeks of quarantine. In spite of this, there are those who have found ways to sustain and even improve their lifestyles from home. An essential tool that has made this possible is the television.

You, too, can continue making the most out of your life, while still taking measures to remain healthy and virus-free. Finding the right #TvSENSEtials from a trusted global brand like Hisense is a great place to start. The Hisense A6505 ULED TV, which comes in 55” or 65” sizes, has all the features and functions that a Filipino home might need.


Here’s how you can live your best life at home with the help of the latest Hisense #TvSENSEtials.

1. Keep yourself informed on what’s going on around the world. For reliable news and information, a TV is your best bet. This is extremely important, especially now that announcements and updates on the ongoing health crisis continue to pour in.

1_Keep yourself informed new

2. Give yourself a break with your favorite programs, concerts and sporting events. Through the Hisense Vidaa U Operating System, you can access your favorite streaming apps such as YouTube and Netflix, to relax and unwind any time of the day. This benefits your mental health and wellbeing, too.

2_Give Yourself A Break new 

3. Learn something, whether it’s a new language, skill or hobby. With the present thrust towards distance learning, younger family members can also use a smart TV for online classes and other educational content.

3_Learn Something new

4. Stay fit and healthy without leaving the house. There are many different home exercise videos available online. Whether you’re into yoga, cross fit or dance, you’re sure to find a fitness class to follow on your TV.

4_Stay Fit and Healthy new

 5. Inspire creativity while you watch. The Hisense A6505 ULED TV features Ultra HD resolution and 2160 lines of pixels that refresh simultaneously, displaying each scene, strike and show in beautiful clarity. This way, you can fully appreciate every detail you see onscreen.

pasted image 0

 6. Stay connected with family and friends through social media and video calling. You can screen cast your mobile phone into your TV with the Anyview Cast feature to make it bigger.

5_Stay Connected with Family and Friends new

 7. Bond with the people at home as you enjoy sitting in front of the TV together. The Hisense A6505 ULED TV delivers superior video quality with rich and deep audio that makes perfect movie bonding moments for the family! 

Asian family enjoy their free time relax together at home. Lifestyle dad, mom and daughter watch TV together in living room in modern home at night concept.

Ready for an upgrade? Watch out for the latest #Hisense #TvSENSEtials. Check out other Hisense products available at leading appliance stores nationwide, and online via LazMall (https://bit.ly/HisenseLaz) and Shopee Mall (https://bit.ly/HisenseSho).

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