‘Votles V Legacy’ Teaser Excites Old and New Fans

A week before its release, GMA Network already teased the teaser of its upcoming live action adaptation of one of the most iconic animated series of the 90s, Voltes V.

During the network’s New Year countdown, they released the highly-anticipated teaser of Voltes V: Legacy. Watch it below:

Yes, we’re impressed and excited at the same time! And it seems we’re not the only ones having a positive feedback from the teaser.

Here are some tweets we saw online:




No other details have been announced yet. No cast, no release date. Only rumors and that Mark Reyes (Encantadia) is attached to direct. But with the looks of it, this will be released later this year or maybe even early 2021 to prepare for the heavy CGI. And we shouldn’t complain about it if we really want quality from them.

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