Thrilling Japanese Action and Family Dramas Now Airing in PH via GEM

What happens when you watch a TV series that opens with a detective waking up with a gun in his hand, a female detective’s dead body next to him, and no memory of how he ended up in that situation? How about a family drama wherein the lead character is a 31-year-old unemployed man who lives off his mother like a parasite and is badgered by his sister to make something out of his life?

Both have interesting storylines that can pique the curiosity of Filipino viewers, and it is for this reason that GEM brings the compelling Japanese action drama “Nippon Noir” and family drama “If Talking Paid” to Philippine TV. An all-Japanese TV channel from Sony Pictures Television and Nippon TV’s joint venture, GEM offers premium Japanese entertainment across Asia and gives Filipinos the front-row seat to the best of Japanese programming.

Starring popular Japanese actors Kento Kaku and Ryoko Hirosue, “Nippon Noir” is a riveting journey of humanity and the quest for justice as the story explores the mystery behind a billion-yen robbery and a possible murder setup that has turned a detective’s friends into foes after evidences are destroyed and the ensuing cover-up traps the protagonist in a web of lies and deceit.


“It’s an interesting story and there’s nothing cliché or typical about it. I play the character of Kaoru Usui, who is found dead right at the beginning of episode 1. And though I think I’ve played a lot of dead characters already, it’s quite impactful this time,” explained Ryoko Hirosue, who admits that she finds her first time acting in a cop drama in “Nippon Noir” very challenging.

Lead actor Kento Kaku disclosed that he was very happy when he found out about “Nippon Noir” and that he was chosen to star in it. “After listening to the producer’s detailed vision and after reading the script, I have no doubt that this will be a drama that is unprecedented in Japan. I believe this is a work that will express our desire and appetite for good stories. What is justice? What is humanity? I hope you can stay with us till the very end,” he shared.


On the other hand, “If Talking Paid” stars Toma Ikuta as an unemployed adult who lives with his mother and pesters her for money. In this drama, viewers get to witness the constant bickering of family members – a common scenario even among Filipino households.

 If Talking Paid publicity photo

“We’re glad to know that Filipinos get to watch Japanese dramas on GEM. I hope they enjoy ‘If Talking Paid’. This drama tries to break the mold as well, so I’m excited about it. I can see myself in the character of Mitsuru Kishibe. I also tend to go about my day with unkempt and messy hair. You could say that I’ve been preparing for this role my whole life,” Toma Ikuta quipped.

Catch GEM’s new episodes of “Nippon Noir” every Wednesday at 9PM and “If Talking Paid” every Monday at 10PM, both on the same week as Japan. GEM, your destination for the best of Japanese entertainment, is available on SKYcable Ch 116 in Metro Manila; SKYcable Ch 222 in Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo, and Baguio; GSAT Ch 57; and various provincial cable operators nationwide.

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