Ronnie Liang Shares He Personally Asked Sarah Geronimo to Guest in His ‘Love X Romance’ Concert

Given the title Pop Star Royalty, Sarah Geronimo isn’t just a big name in the music scene but also a household name for her works on TV and on the big screen. That’s why it’s an honor not just for him but for anyone to have Sarah Geronimo in his concert.

But how did he got the Pop Star Royalty to be one of the guests in his concert? Watch the video below:

When he was asked by VIVA who he wanted to have as guest performers in his concert, he said immediately, that if was possible, Sarah Geronimo. The management said it is possible but he needs to ask Sarah personally.

So during Sarah’s “This is Me” concert in Iloilo, Ronnie approached Sarah and asked her, “Sarah, may upcoming concert kasi ako, pwede ba kita i-invite maging one of my guest artist?” Sarah immediately answers, “Oo naman.”

That was also the time he asked if they can do a collab (collaboration) and Sarah answers, “Bakit hindi?”

Ronnie also shares that whenever Sarah introduces Ronnie in her concerts, she proudly says, “Eto po si Ronnie Liang, napaka-gandang boses, original ng ‘Ngiti,’ dapat binibigyan ng concert at ng album, multi-awarded artist, gold, platinum.”

Imagine being talked about like that by none other than Sarah Geronimo herself.

The two will perform their collab song and Sarah will have her own performance during the concert.

Ronnie Liang Love X Romance

Catch Ronnie Liang in Love x Romance concert on November 8, 2019 at the Music Museum, Greenhills, 8PM. With special guests Ella Cruz, Janine Tenoso and Ms. Sarah Geronimo.

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