‘Hanggang Sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko’ Brings New Flavor to Afternoon Drama Viewing

Two-women-fighting-for-one-man or a-lady-not-over-a-guy-even-if-he’s-married story lines are not new to Philippine TV or even in movies, but GMA Network’s afternoon show Hanggang sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko does an unusual twist.

How about having the third party a ghost or a soul? The story now has Naomi (Kris Bernal) possessing Katya (Kim Domingo), Yvie’s (Megan Young) cousin. Naomi, plans to fulfill her plans on getting Matteo (Rayver Cruz) back through the body of Katya.

Hanggang Sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko
Kim Domingo as Katya and Megan Young as Yvie

What’s great about Hanggang Sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko is that it doesn’t rely too much on physical confrontations but more on getting the main character Yvie be emotional and psychologically challenged.

Check out this clip from the drama series and see how Katya manipulates the people around Yvie’s husband:

Clearly, love is even stronger after death.

The show is composed of great actors, from its leads Kris Bernal, Megan Young, Kim Domingo and Rayver Cruz, to its supporting cast Ms. Boots Anson Roa-Rodrigo, Francine Prieto and Sharmaine Arnaiz. You can find multiple layers from its story and characters which makes everyday viewing more exciting and not boring.

I cringe every time Naomi, in the body of Katya gets what she wants but I also get excited in what’s to come next.

Catch Hanggang sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko Mondays to Saturdays after Eat Bulaga on GMA Network.

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