All-Filipino PPop Group SB19 Releases Newest Single ‘Go Up’

Dreams do come true. From nobodies to sombodies, Sejun, Stell, Josh, Ken, and Justin are making it big in the music industry as they are the first all-Filipino idol boy group trained and managed under the Korean entertainment company, ShowBT Philippines Corp.


SB19 aims to break into the Philippine music scene, introduce a new culture as well as be a boy group that can compete with international boy bands and make the Filipino people proud to call their own. Armed with more than three years of intensive training under K-Pop system, these five Filipino dreamers-turned-performers are confident they can take the industry by storm with their newest single ‘Go Up.’

Watch the music video of ‘Go Up’ below:

‘Go Up’ is considered to be SB19’s breakthrough single following their debut ‘Tilaluha,’ which was released October 2018. The song talks about the hardships and overall journey in reaching one’s goals. Through this, they wish to inspire other people – especially the younger generation to never give up on their dreams.

The boys  worked with music producer group RealBros, the team behind numerous K-Pop hits: “It’s You” by Shinee’s Taemin, “November with Love” by TVXQ, “Good Morning Night” by JYJ’s Jeajoong, “Always” from Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2 (Later on officially released by the group Wanna One), “4419” by Stray Kids, and many more. “Go Up” specifically was composed and produced by Mr. Oh-won Lee who also goes by the name Jinjja Sanai.

As for their music video, it was directed by JC Gallidon, who has worked with local and international brands and celebrities like Donnalyn Bartolome, Brian Puspos, and more.

‘Go Up’ is now out on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, and many more digital platforms.

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