A Tour of San Juan City Brought Back Childhood Memories

When we were kids, one of the events in school I’m anticipating the most are field trips. So, when we were invited to be part of the tour of San Juan City, I was excited because I see it as something that I missed.

San Juan 01

First off was the San Juan City Hall. I know, it sounds boring to tour a city hall but has some interesting history and the interiors were quite impressive. We also got to look at San Juan City’s CEDOC or Control Emergency and Disaster Operation Center. It kinda looked like those Hollywood surveillance center wherein people are viewing CCTVs from here and there to monitor crimes and accidents. We also got to see the City Council office where it looks like the ones being used for TV shows and movies for trials.

The highlight of the tour would be the Museo el Deposito and the Museo ng Katipunan which are located just a walking distance from the City Hall.

We get to know more about San Juan City’s history in an interesting way. The museum presented artifacts, audio and visual presentations and everything you need to know about its rich history of the underground reservoir and the Carriedo waterworks as a whole and the story of the clandestine organization of the Filipino revolutionaries.

Next stop is the Santuario del Santo Cristo also known as the Church of San Juan del Monte. It was recognized as a Historic Structure by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP), with a cast-iron plaque that was issued and placed in 1937. 

If what I remember was right, all of these were done under Erap, Mayor Guia and JV Ejercito’s leadership. I don’t know about you but this seems like good governance being implemented and meeting Mayor Guia in person, I’d like to believe that she handled her mayoral seat just like being a mother, careful and with love.

I’d love to visit these places once again. And hopefully, they’re still being taken care off by someone who knows their worth.

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