An Out-of-This-World Love Story Starring Arci Munoz, Pepe Herrera in ‘Jhon En Martian’

Two misfits from different planets will find an unlikely love that transcends differences and distance in the new iWant original series “Jhon en Martian,” which features Arci Muñoz and Pepe Herrera in their starring roles as alien and human.

Pepe Herrera and Arci Munoz in iWant's original series Jhon en Martian

Dropping on iWant on April 14, the five-episode romantic comedy series will see 223 (Arci) and Jhon (Pepe) meeting on earth as they try to escape their unfortunate fates.

223, a Martian princess, flees her planet to get herself out of an arranged marriage then lands on earth, oblivious to its inhabitants’ languages and norms. Jhon, meanwhile, is a kind and hardworking delivery guy who is sent by his boss on his last courier errand before he flies to Malaysia, where he intends to reset his life.

As luck would have it, 223 takes off after Jhon in the metro, convinced her spaceship is in his delivery box. She follows him to the airport where they engage in a tense squabble that causes him to miss his flight.

Believing he is the human representation of bad luck, Jhon thinks he has nothing to lose by helping out 223. Together, they embark on a mission to look for her lost spaceship so they can finally get rid of each other, without knowing that they would find love along the way.

All of this happens after 223 kisses Jhon on the lips – a phenomenon called Mars Intergalactic Oral Transference (IOT) – which causes her to finally speak and understand Filipino.

Pepe Herrera and Arci Munoz in iWant's original series Jhon en Martian 2

Will Jhon and 223 lean to trust and rely on each other despite their obvious differences? How will they fight for their love despite the intervention of Queen 222 (Rufa Mae Quinto), the Queen Mother of the Royal Empire of Mars?

“Jhon en Martian” is directed by Victor Villanueva, who also helmed the critically acclaimed film “Patay na si Hesus.” It is created by Joma Labayen and is co-produced by Dreamscape Digital, Quantum Films, and Project 8 Corner San Joaquin Projects.

Pepe Herrera, Arci Munoz, Rufa Mae Quinto, director Victor Villanueva, creator Joma Labayen, and creative producer Antoinette Jadaone 2

Its cast also includes Mon Confiado, Jojo Alejar, Aiko Climaco, Jelson Bay, Joel Saracho, Ge Villamil, Dolly De Leon, TJ Valderama, Emman Nimedez, Kedebon Colim, and GB Labrador..

From creating memorable teleseryes on television, ABS-CBN’s production unit Dreamscape Entertainment has expanded its portfolio of original content to include digital films and series via Dreamscape Digital, which produced “Glorious,” “The Gift,” “Apple of My Eye,” “Project Feb. 14,” and “Bagman.”

iWant original movie Jhon en Martian poster

Stream “Jhon en Martian” for free starting April 14 on iWant via its iOS or Android apps or via web browser on More subscribers can also get their iWant craving in the comfort of their own homes as they can already connect the streaming service to their TVs via Chromecast and Apple Airplay.

iWant is one of the digital initiatives of ABS-CBN, the Philippines’ leading media and entertainment company, which is rapidly transitioning into an agile digital company with the biggest online presence among all media companies, and a growing list of digital properties.

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