Musical Artist Jace Roque Releases Single ‘Sober,’ Shares Battle with Mental Health

“Everything’s alright cause I’m sober
Though things ain’t really over
Know that I can cry on your shoulder
Everything is clear when you’re sober”

Actor and musical artist Jace Roque have conquered his pain, sadness and anger. And the best way to do it is through music. He just released the single ‘Sober,’ which tackles his faith and the darkness he had to face to get to where he is today. “I’m in a place where I’m not drowning in my emotions and I’m not masking what I feel anymore. Over the years I’ve learned to accept life for what it is and to just love myself. Sober is both literal and metaphoric. I am sober. Sober from drinking (since 2013) and sober from all the pain, sadness and anger.

This song is also for everyone who’s struggling with mental health. I want them to know that they are not alone. Everyday is a battle but I want them to remember that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. They just have to stay strong and keep moving forward,” he shares.

Like his singles in the past, he wrote and the produced the track.

“I’ve always been a private person. I don’t usually talk about my personal life on/off screen but with music I’ve decided to just bare it all. As an Actor I wasn’t really able to showcase my true self because I was portraying another character but with Music I am able to connect with people in a far deeper and personal manner,” Roque says.

Jace Roque - Sober (Single Cover)

Get to know more about Jace Roque as he answers more questions below:

Brief background on your singing career

Professionally, I started my music career in 2008. I did mall tours with Center For Pop Philippines from 2008-2010. Then I took a break from music to study Acting. I relaunched my music career in 2013 thru Kuya Germ’s “Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman” but I took another break to focus on my Acting Career.

Then in 2017 I decided to relaunch my music career for the third time. After landing my big acting break with “Across The Crescent Moon”, I felt that the next career move I should make was to go back to music. During that year I released 4 singles. 2 International Collaborations as a Featured Artist and 2 Singles of my own. Unfortunately, those 2 Solo Singles weren’t as successful compared to my collaborations.

2018 was a defining year for me. That’s when I had moderate success with my music. My singles “Keep On Holding On” and “Days With You” both got good amount of streams on Spotify. Those singles opened a lot of opportunities, from events to tv guestings to radio interviews. Which I’m very thankful for.

So going into 2019, I’m very much excited to share more of what I’ve been working on for the past couple of years. I have a lot more music to share and I’m starting with my 5th Single “Sober”.

4) Self-produced? Do you have plans of becoming a mainstream recording artist?

Yes. My music is self produced. I’m very hands on with the process. From the melody, lyrics, arrangement, beat production and vocal production; I do all of that at the comfort of my mini home studio. I used to go to recording studios to work on my music but it became too expensive so I had to learn how to do it myself.

One of my goals this year is to jump from indie to mainstream. I already have an album ready which I’ve worked really hard on. I’ve been sending it to different record labels and so far I have a major label that’s interested. I hope that it works out and I get to sign with them. I’m very much excited for what the future holds.


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