Dingdong Dantes Happy to Be Part of Persian Avenue Family

GMA’s Primetime King Dingdong Dantes is the first brand ambassador of the beef wrap store PERSIAN AVENUE which now has 39 branches in the Philippines in just 4 years.

It was on the first of May, 2014 when Persian Avenue was established by two passionate foodie brothers – Arjay and Paolo Lapid. It was just a simple food stand at Marquee Mall, in the province of Angeles City Pampanga, with a tarpaulin that says “Persian Avenue” glued to it. But in a span of four years, their business grew from one to 39 branches (as of March 2019) and now thy are one of the top players in the industry!

Their main product is the Beef Wrap. A sumptuous snack made out of pita bread, 100% sirloin beef with fresh cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes and onions smothered with their family garlic sauce secret recipe and hot sauce. Another is the Chicken Pesto Wrap for those who wants their calorie intake low. Chicken breast marinated in pesto sauce wrapped in pita bread with cheddar cheese and lettuce and amplified with their signature garlic sauce and hot sauce.

These two wraps live up to their promise, it’s handy delicious! They also have rice meals that hungry customers can enjoy with an unlimited rice option. Rice meals are ground beef soltani, chicken kebab, pork kebab, shrimp kebab, grilled chicken and spicy chicken wings.

Dingdong Dantes Persian Avenue

Dingdong Dantes Persian Avenue 01

Now, they are ready to take off and fly as they introduce their first brand ambassador, Dingdong Dantes.

Watch our video coverage of the contract signing of Dingdong Dantes with Persian Avenue below:

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