Samira Gutoc from Marawi More than Deserves a Seat at the Senate

It’s difficult to be political nowadays, politics being seen as a negative thing, there isn’t always a common ground for people to agree on. But what’s important is that we have people who have the same vision, the same values and the same aspirations. It’s something that would give us hope for our nation.

We met with senatoriable Samira Gutoc from Marawi before Christmas and I must say, on paper and in person, I’m impressed. She wants to treat our nation as her children, as a mother of one, she wants what’s best for her child and that’s what drives her will, for the Philippines to be safe and free from harm especially to children and women.

A civic leader, journalist, environment and women’s rights advocate, and legislator who has served as member of the Regional Legislative Assembly of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao and a member of the Bangsamoro Transition Commission which was tasked to draft the Bangsamoro Basic Law. She also helped organize the Ranao Rescue Team, a group set up in response to the humanitarian crisis that ensued after Battle of Marawi.

Let Samira Gutoc herself tell you more about herself and her platform in our videos below:

So, Samira Gutoc has my vote for the 2019 Philippine General Elections happening on May 13, 2019.

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