Korea’s No. 1 hit series – ‘My Golden Life’ is now on GMA Network

A mother’s misguided love has caused her daughters to get swapped in status, and so the heroine Gillian enters the rich household to have a better life without knowing she is actually not their long-lost daughter, but her “former twin” sister instead. What will happen to her once the secret get revealed, and what will happen to her relationship with Dion, whom she has gotten closer to as siblings?

My Golden Life 0.jpg

This certified phenomenal hit series is the first Korean drama that will be dubbed by Kapuso stars. Main character of the series Gillian Seo will be voiced by Sanya Lopez, Gillian’s close friend Luke Sun will be voiced by Bruno Gabriel, Giselle Seo, Gillian’s twin sister will be voiced by Ayra Mariano and Dion Choi, the heir to the Haeseong Group will be voiced by Ken Chan.

Don’t miss the highest rating and award winning Korean drama of 2018 which encourages us to value our family during the most difficult times – My Golden Life, weeknights after Onanay on GMA Telebabad!

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