“Asawa Ko Karibal Ko” is Another Milestone in Philippine Drama

We’ve seen transgenders being portrayed or actual transgenders being cast in a Filipino TV series or even in movies, but most of them are just supporting characters. That’s why GMA’s newest afternoon series “Asawa Ko Karibal Ko” is controversial and at the same time, it’s another milestone in Philippine drama.

While the main protagonist of the series is a straight woman – Kris Bernal, she’s going to be entangled in a predicament when she fell in love, married and got pregnant by a closet gay, played by Jason Abalos.

The heart wants what it wants. And though Kris has been patient and understanding with the distance Jason gives her, eventually, everything will blow up.

But to understand Abalos’ character, he has suppressed his identity since birth from a fanily that has a legacy and a name to protect.

This is what we get from the first episode of “Asawa Ko Karibal Ko.” But we’re really excited to see how Thea Tolentino will play the transgender Abalos. We know her acting chops, but will she bring hell to her once loved one? Or will she be forgiving and understanding?

Another character to look out for is returning Kapuso Rayver Cruz which will be the reason why ex-couple Bernal and Abalos-turned-Tolentino will clash.

Watch out for “Asawa Ko Karibal Ko” on GMA Afternoon Prime after Eat Bulaga.


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