GMA Artist Center Welcomes The Clash Finalists as Their Newest Talents

It’s been a week now since Golden Cadeña was hailed The Clash 2018 Grand Champion but the competition isn’t over as they enter the real world of showbizness.

Golden, together with her co-Clash finalists just signed an exclusive contract with GMA Artist Center.

Golden, together with Jong Madaliday, Mirriam Manalo, Garrett Bolden, Josh Adornado, Anthony Rosaldo, Kyryll Ugdiman, Mika Gorospe, Danielle Ozaraga, Melbelline Caluag, Esterlina Olmedo, Bryan Chong, Psalms David, Jasmine Fitzgerald and Muriel Lomadilla are now ready to take on the real-world challenges as part of growing in the showbiz industry. They may be introduced to us as singers, but most of them are actually game on honing their other talents such as dancing and acting.

Talking about acting, Golden revealed that she will star in the coming episode of Magpakailanman portraying herself as she tells the story of her life before she became The Clash 2018‘s grand champion. Other clash members are also to appear in the said episodes as themselves.

Check out our interviews in the videos below:

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