LJ Reyes Gives Birth to Wonder Jane

No, LJ Reyes still pregnant. But we’re talking about her new product line Wonder Jane, made for everyone who wants to feel clean, safe and fresh anytime, anywhere.

Watch as she demonstrates the five useful products included in the Wonder Jane Travel Kit:

So, who is Wonder Jane?

Wonder Jane is our everyday hero in saving us from our daily personal care needs. Wonder Jane aims to help you be worry free as you enjoy your adventures with its line of products that has been customized for quality you can surely trust. The truth though, Jane is the real name of LJ Reyes – Lourna Jane Reyes. Witty, right?

What’s included in the Wonder Jane Travel Kit?


Uncover Wash – Sles (Sodium laureth sulfate) – free  liquid soap with no artificial fragrance. You can keep your body clean from head to toe! You can use it as a shampoo, facial wash, body cleanser and handwash anytime, anywhere.

Bug Rescue – A mosquito repellent with a custom scent using all-natural ingredients.

Hand Sani-tazer – A hand sanitizer that disinfects without drying the skin. You can enjoy keeping your hands clean with its all-natural custom scent.

Anti-Stink Bomb – An all-natural poop spray that will keep your toilet clean and pleasant for the next user.

BUM Shield – A disposable toilet seat cover that will give you maximum protection from germs. Easy to use, biodegradable and perfect for travel.


As a mother or as a parent, or for me, as an uncle, we become more aware of our surroundings, of what our nephews or nieces touch when they play or loiter around. So it’s really convenient to have your own Wonder Jane Travel Kit around whenever, wherever you need it. Because it’s always better to be ready.

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