“Victor Magtanggol” is More Pinoy Than Norse

Bash all they want but what we saw at the special advance screening of GMA Network’s latest telefantasya Victor Magtanggol showcases Alden Richards’ ability to charm, do action scenes and more. But what the series really want to present is the optimism, resilience and how family-oriented Filipinos are.

Why “more Filipino than Norse”? It’s because only at least 10% of the show touches the Norse Mythology. The first episode might present more than 10%, but it’s all just a backgrounder for those who aren’t familiar with the characters the series will include. And the series will showcase how Filipinos are with their families – Victor as a son, brother and uncle. It may be a “been there, done that” type of character but Alden puts his heart in it that the drama, the humor and the action fell into their rightful places.

Alden Richards is Victor Magtanggol. I want to highlight that because Alden owns his character like he’s representing himself to the world. The best feat about Alden is that he’s a  family man, same goes with Victor. They’re both willing to do everything for their family.

The pilot episode will build the character of Victor as a hardworking son, brother and uncle and a hero to every individual who’s in need. It’s like if you were given the chance to award a deserving person a power that will be used for the good, Victor Magtanggol is that person.

The CGI could use more improvements but what the show offers on its first episode is actually promising in terms of story. The supporting cast including Janine Gutierrez, Chynna Ortaleza, Al Tantay, Yuan Francisco are also worth mentioning as they make the story of Victor Magtanggol more entertaining and closer to what Filipinos like seeing on Primetime TV.

See Victor Magtanggol Mondays to Fridays on GMA Telebabad after 24 Oras.

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