Pancake Hong Aims to Familiarize Koreans with Everything Filipino thru Her Vlogs

She has done a bit of an acting stint in GMA’s My Korean Jagiya, she can speak both Filipino and Korean which makes us envy her ability to communicate with both Filipinos and Koreans.

Meet Pancake Hong:

Hong Su-Bin, better known as Pancake Hong, is a neophyte vlogger born in Korea. She earned her bachelor’s degreein the Philippines before taking a job in South Korea as a television entertainment reporter for 4 years. She decided to move back to the Philippines again to continue pursuing her passion.

Her first vlog features the popular hip hop group Ex Battalion in which she interviewed them after taping for Celebrity Bluff. The latest entry in her vlog is her experience in Manila’s famous shopping area – Divisoria.

Watch Pancake Hong’s Divisoria Blog below:

She aims to feature more Filipino in her vlog for the Korean audience. To make them familiarize the whos, whats, wheres and hows of the Filipinos in the Philippines.

You can follow her YouTube channel here –

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