GMA Artist Center Talents Feel Empowered Through Anthony Bova Acting Workshop

Internationally acclaimed acting coach Anthony Vincent Bova is back in the Philippines  to continue his workshops with GMA Artist Center talents. After his visit last February, the New York City professional acting teacher and his co-teacher, actress Anna Feleo, will be conducting ‘Empowerment’ training, which focuses on the emotional and psychological alignment for peak performance of the artists.

“Empowerment and being you,” those are the words we heard most of the time during the media conference of Anthony Bova with GMA Artist Center talents Mikoy Morales, Gil Cuerva, Andrea Torres, Chynna Ortaleza, Benjamin Alves and Thea Tolentino.

Bova will come back in January 2019 to conduct the culminating activity, which will showcase what the artists have learned throughout the year from his training program.

Also an actor, writer and artistic director, Anthony Bova is a protege of famed acting coach Eric Morris, who has taught some of the best actors in the Philippines including Laurice Guillien, Johnny Delgado, Leo Martinez, Michael de Mesa and Joel Torre among others.

Bova shares that GMA Artist Center talents are easy to work with because they are “connected” and “grounded” which makes his work to let the artist be more human on screen less effort.

GMA Bova 00

Watch the video below and know more on what the artists are in for at Anthony Vincent Bova’s acting workshop:

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