Family, Music and Romance Featured in “My Guitar Princess”

FUN FACT: All the characters in GMA’s upcoming light romcom are named after popular singers, or at least musicians. Its lead actress Julie Anne San Jose plays the character of Celina which came from the name of the award-winning Canadian singer Celine Dion. San Jose’s two leading men are Gil Cuerva who’s playing Elton (Elton John) and Kiko Estrada plays Justin (Justin Timberlake or maybe Bieber?). Even the guitar San Jose uses is named Bob, after Bob Marley. Continuing with that, Ms. Sheryl Cruz plays AdeleJazz Ocampo plays Katy, Isabelle de Leon plays Taylor and Kier Legaspi as Elvis.

So, with that fun fact, the series looks to be, well, fun. But producing a musical romcom, does that mean that the actors need to be musically inclined as well? Director Nick Olanka says that he is thankful that all the artists he’s working with are capable of singing and performing, especially since once a week, they are presenting a musical number that may include everyone.

Guitar Princess

It’s the perfect pre-afternoon show for everybody. It’s not heavy, it has romance, presents family values and more entertainment via musical numbers. Julie Anne San Jose is very happy to be part of a series that speaks to her soul – to play a character that has a passion for music. And it’s different from the series she made as this one is light.

Another thing to look forward to the show is the romance angle. It’s not just a typical romance angle though, as the creators of the show puts mystery on who’s Celina going to end up with. Will it be Elton or Justin?

This gives the creatives freedom to give the show its organic flow. For the story itself to decide who Celina should end up with.

“My Guitar Princess” premieres on GMA on May 7 before Eat Bulaga.

Check out videos from the My Guitar Princess bloggers’ conference below:

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