Ria Atayde Shines in ‘Disgrasyada’ Episode of “Ipaglaban Mo”

An unfair treatment to a dedicated teacher just because she becomes pregnant out of wedlock in a Catholic school.

Ria Atayde stars as Gladys Laurena in the February 24 episode of Ipaglaban Mo, her first ever lead role. But that wasn’t obvious while watching her do justice in the role. Being a teacher who loves her job and her boyfriend and suddenly everything was taken away from her for something she didn’t do alone.

Having a child isn’t the easiest thing in the world especially having it alone. And the pressure of work and other aspects in life isn’t helping a mother to live not just her life but also the one inside of her.

Ria Atayde Ipaglaban Mo

This and all is well-presented in the Disgrasyada episode of Ipaglaban Mo. Ria Atayde carries all the weight of her character well that you sympathize with her pain and struggles. The innocence in her face in the start and the pain she carries when her world started to tumble.

It isn’t the most convenient choice to be pregnant, especially when you’re being left alone by the father of your child. So judging them is quite unfair just because they did something that for some of us, is morally wrong.

While being sympathetic with Gladys, we also get to learn how we should fight for our rights especially when we did not do anything wrong.

Watch clips from the Disgrasyada episode of Ipaglaban Mo here:


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