“The Stepdaughters”: An Addition to the Shows You’ll Love and Hate

As afternoon shows go more on heavy drama, the latest GMA show The Stepdaughters won’t  be left out even on its pilot episode.

We were lucky to be part of the few to see GMA’s latest afternoon drama (replacing Impostora) at the exclusive advance screening of not just the first but also the second episode of The Stepdaughters. 

Present are the stars Mikael Daez, Megan Young, Katrina Halili and Sef Cadayona. And while the scenes we’ve seen doesn’t yet feature the four stars, we’re already excited on what the next episodes will offer. (See picture below)

The Stepdaughters

The first two episodes will feature how Mayumi (Young) and Isabelle (Halili) grow up. How their mothers will become an integral part of what they will become. Mayumi, being our protagonist – kind and hopeful while Isabelle, the antagonist – stubborn and mostly evil.

But the highlights of the two episodes won’t be the little girls but the performances of Angelu de Leon, the mother of Isabelle and Glydel Mercado, Mayumi’s mother.

It is your classic rivalry and confrontation but with a proper build up of their story. There’s evident reason for their clash and the lines are just smart and witty. Angelu giving her most memorable performance as a villain, doing everything a mother can for her family even if it could kill someone.

But aside from de Leon and Mercado, Allan Paule, while only being in two episode will surely make a mark in the hearts of the viewers. It may look like a typical love of a father, but his sincere performance makes it heartbreaking.

“The Stepdaughters” premieres February 12 on GMA Afternoon Prime after Ika-6 na Utos.

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