Unlikely Partnership & Adventure Begins in “Sherlock Jr.”

GMA’s latest primetime series will be something for the whole family. While some actually would rather go on and watch really violent action series, GMA Network offers something light, but still has action, comedy, romance and a talking dog for your nightly entertainment.

Here’s a look at Sherlock Jr. topbilled by Ruru Madrid, Gabbi Garci, Aiai delas Alas and Serena/Siri the Wonder dog who is voiced by Mikee Quintos.

We usually get TV series with themes such as infidelity, two guys competing for the heart of one woman or vise versa but GMA Network is doing something different in here. It combined the elements of romance, adventure, investigation and family issues in a fun and light way.

Ruru Madrid manages to have a chemistry with Janine Gutierrez even if it’s for a short time but more than that he proved in this series that he can actually carry his own show even without a love team.

The series starts as a charming, get to know its characters stage where we meet Serena the dog aka Siri, her “Momsie” Irene, played by Janine Gutierrez and Sherlock Jackson Jr, played by Ruru Madrid.

It feels like a start of a great adventure of an unlikely partnership between Sherlock and Siri. But we can also anticipate moments of fun with Siri, Sherlock, his family and friends and romance between Sherlock and Lily.

Sherlock Jr 01

Sherlock Jr. starts airing January 29 on GMA Telebabad after 24 Oras.

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