Atom Araullo, Gabbi Garcia, Joseph Morong on Adulting, #Goals & Fact or Fake

GMA Network’s three latest shows won’t be seen on TV, but rather three specials on the internet. Adulting with Atom Araullo, #Goals with Gabbi Garcia and Fact or Fake wik Joseph Morong. These three shows will be offered online exclusively and is called GMA Online Exclusives aka GMA One. These three will be available starting January 1st of 2018 on the YouTube account of GMA Network.

But what are these shows about?

Adulting with Atom Araullo. Life isn’t always easy but with a little help, the challenges would be less. Adulting, hosted by Atom Araullo will teach the audience things about being an adult – moving out, about working, relationships, etc.

“There are a lot of different challenges along the way. How to find a job, how to foster relationships, how to take care of mortgage, etc. These issues, I think, affect a lot of us but they’re not necessarily talked about in a formal setting or not even really discussed seriously, at least not all the time. So, we hope that with this program, we can figure things out together, sot that we can have a less stressful experience adulting,” Araullo states.

#Goals with Gabbi Garcia. One of the struggles of being a millennial is keeping up with the trends. That’s what Gabbi Garcia will tackle in her online show #Goals.

“Mine is more on what’s trending for the teenagers. For the tips, beauty tips, about my personal likes like music, traveling and that’s what we’re gonna talk about. Maybe like lifestyle stuff, like maybe some high school crushes,” Gabbi shares.

Joseph Morong on Fact or Fake. Information today are not as transparent as it should be. Some easily fall on fake news which evolves into a dirtier conversation. Making social media and other forms of interaction toxic. Joseph Morong will tackle fact-checking of the issues today being reported online and on the new. And will determine if it is indeed a fact or fake.

GMA One 01

For videos from the GMA Online Exclusives bloggers’ conference, you can go to

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