Brillante Mendoza’s Amo Premieres on TV5 August 20

Internationally acclaimed writer and director Brillante Mendoza, brings us another masterpiece on the small screen with AMO. A 12-episode miniseries that tackles one of today’s most controversial topics – the Philippine government’s war on drugs.

The cast is led by newcomer Vince Rillon who plays Joseph, Derek Ramsay as Rodrigo, Allen Dizon as Camilo, Felix Roco as Bino, Apollo Abraham as Abner and Archie Adamos as Gener. Mara Lopez is also included in the cast.

Brillante Mendoza AMO

The series is set against the backdrop of the country’s war on drugs and depicts situations including the rampant vigilantism against suspected illegal drug personalities. It features the story of Joseph (Rillon), a high school student peddling crystal meth or “shabu” initially to his fellow gang members and later on to a much bigger market in Metro Manila. “Amo” also shows the controversies revolving around the Philippine National Police in the government’s campaign against drugs as well as its role in rightfully enforcing it.

Vince Rillon leads the cast of this cinematic television creation with Derek Ramsay as the good cop. This is the first time Ramsay won’t be playing the lead in a series and he says it’s okay as long as the character is good, the material is good. And if its from Brillante Mendoza, it is good.

Amo is yet another dauntless television masterpiece by Brillante Mendoza which reflects TV5’s strong commitment to provide quality entertainment content.

Catch Brillante Mendoza’s Amo when it premieres on TV August 20, Sunday, 9;30PM.

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