Magpakailanman Presents: #MadamKilayAndAfam

Eat Bulaga’s newest addition to the Juan for All, All for Juan segment of Eat Bulaga, Madam Kilay, is set to capture the hearts of the televiewers as she tells her story in Magpakailanman.

The story of Madam Kilay or Jinky Cubillan Anderson is a story of a woman, a mother, an OFW and a broken hearted but never gives up on achieving her “happily ever after.”


After getting her heart broken and experience difficulties in life, she meets an American in Korea named Paul Anderson. Cubilan captured his attention and the heart with her rare beauty and her talent in singing.


Her viral “Kilay Tutorials” videos online gave her the tag Madam Kilay that sometimes features her special someone, Paul.


Jinky Cubilan Anderson will portray herself with Gov Lloyd (Eat Bulaga’s Jackpot En Poy) who will play Paul Anderson.

Magpakailanman Madam Kilay (5)

Witness the inspiring story of Madam Kilay this Saturday, June 3, 2017 on Magpakailanman, the Beauty in Your Eyes: The Jinky “Madam Kilay” Story.”

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