‘Celebrity Bluff’ Returns to GMA On June 3

Is it a fact or a bluff?

At their New Year Countdown last December 31 to January 1, GMA Network revealed numerous of their upcoming new offerings for the year 2017. One that surprised us is the return of its hit game show Celebrity Bluff hosted by Ms. Eugene Domingo.

Back then, the title shown was Celebrity Bluff Daily, but the management decided to have it like before, once a week on the weekends. No final time slot as of the moment, but they have already taped at least two episodes and the show is ready to premiere sometime this May.

Eugene Domingo returns to host the weekly game show with resident bluffers Mr. Edu Manzano and Boobay. The third bluffer will not be permanent and will be a guest celebrity artist that will change every week. Three players will try to answer questions with fact or bluff depending on the answer of their chosen bluffer.

The boy band group One Up will also be part of the show.

Are you excited for the return of Celebrity Bluff? Fact? Or bluff?

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