Amihan Returns to Bring Hope to Encantadia

Seems Amihan’s (Kylie Padilla) plan was successful, as she returns to Encantadia as an Ivtre (Ghost/Spirit) as the only way to defeat Hagorn’s (John Arcilla) army of Ivtre, who cannot be killed by a mortal.

Check out this clip where Amihan returns to Encantadia along with Khalil, played by Avery Paraiso to help the Sanggres and Encantadia on their plight against Hagorn and his army:

Not only would this bring hope to Encantadia but also bring joy to Ybarro (Ruru Madrid) as well. Encantadia airs weeknights after 24 Oras on GMA Telebabad.

WATCH: The Heartbreaking Death of Amihan in “Encantadia”

On the Thursday episode of the hit fantasy series “Encantadia,” Amihan, played by Kylie Padilla has died in one of the most heartbreaking episodes of the series or rather on TV.

Watch the clips here:



One of the reasons Padilla has to leave the TV series is her pregnancy, the director reiterates that this death is not the end of her character in the series.

Currently one of the most watched series on primetime TV and trends on Twitter every night, Encantadia airs after 24 Oras on GMA Network.

Who Will Die in GMA Telebabad’s Encantadia?

About to air its 137th episode, the Encantadia fans or “Encantadiks” are anticipating another loss to the cast of the hit fantasy series starring Kylie Padilla as Amihan, Glaiza de Castro as Pirena, Sanya Lopez as Danaya and Gabby Garcia as Alena.

With the line “Sino ang lalaban hanggang kamatayan?,” the series hints at someone who’s going to die. Watch the teaser here:

As per its story, Pirena (de Castro) being reunited with her sisters breaks her promise to Ether and should automatically lead to her death, but as per rumors and its latest teaser after today’s episode, Amihan (Padilla) is bidding farewell to her fellow cast, the reason might be her rumored pregnancy.

Find out what happens on the next episode of Encantadia tomorrow at 8:00PM after 24 Oras on GMA 7.

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