Ronnie Liang Pursues Lifelong Dream, Gets a Boost from Aviation Marketing Solutions

From being an actor-singer, Ronnie Liang popularly known for his original song ‘Ngiti’ gets the chance to have his life-long dream come true.

Ronnie Liang 04

Ronnie Liang 01

He’s not abandoning showbiz, he’s just pursuing something he had been wanting to be since he was a child: to become a pilot.

Ronnie started taking flight school around October 2018. March 2019, he posted in social media about his training of being a pilot which went viral and earned him praises for pursuing his dreams and be someone outside the showbiz industry. He shared that that post was also the first time his parents knew about him taking a flying course. He had to make sure that before anyone close to him knew of his plans, it will be 100% sure. But his parents’ response were sweet, giving him support and encouragement in his career decisions.

That viral social media post got the attention of Hon Arquillo, the owner of Aviation Marketing Solutions.

Getting Ronnie Liang as their endorser would expand their reach for those who want to be pilot but don’t have other options. Because let’s be honest, training to be a pilot is expensive.

Study Now, Pay Later. Aviation Marketing Solutions offers a must-not-miss promo for those who really want to become a pilot. Study Now, Pay Later – who wouldn’t want to have that option to be able to get the dream of becoming to fly a plane that’s reasonable for you. You can either pay it while studying or after studying.

Check out our interview of Ronnie Liang and Aviation Marketing Solutions owner Hon Arquillo:

For more information, you can visit their Facebook page at:

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